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Andrea M Clarke – Producer / Writer / Director - Founder of Metatron Productions, LLC. 

A writer at heart and big picture visionary, Andrea segway’d her professional experience within the Technology, Marketing, Business Development and Mobile Gaming Space to follow her calling and develop inspirational thought-provoking creative projects. 

Feature film projects Elijah and George and Soul Liberty are wide-audience historical dramas. Both stories are based on actual events, reveal uncomfortable truths with an aim to unite people around the world in the name of faith, family, freedom and home.

An intuitive heart-centered freedom fighter, Andrea is descendent of American Revolutionary soldiers and early settlers of Rhode Island. Dr. John Clarke, her “uncle” was a founder of Newport and Author of the RI Royal Charter of 1663 that granted wide-reaching Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties for the Colony of Rhode Island.  

Inspired by her daughter Florentina, a savant artist with special needs, Andrea is writing and developing MyKids Unite© Rockin' MyKids animated music videos.

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It is with unwavering passion, conviction of truth, heart centered confidence and old fash